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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a powerful breathing technique that enables you to release what no longer works in your life. We all “hold” past trauma and unhealed emotional experiences in our body and nervous system. This often manifests as anxiety, depression, anger, not feeling worthy, chronic pain and substance abuse. We need to feel it to heal it, and breathwork offers a safe environment to do this.

What to expect in a private session:

During an individual breathwork session, we start with discussing what you would like to get out of your session. We fully explain what we are doing before you are invited to lie on the mat. You are then guided to connect with your breath for up to an hour and 15 minutes. The type of breathing (active, conscious, diaphragmatic, mouth, nasal, tonal, etc.) will vary depending upon your needs. Breath is space; sometimes people need more and sometimes they need less. 

Every session is unique (because you are unique!). You are fully “held” and seen as you breathe into your body and release whatever isn't serving you. Emotions can come up, the body may need to move, you may notice temperature changes or other changes in your body--and you may even go on a spiritual journey. Everything will happen for your higher good (for the higher good of all creation in fact).

Shamama breathwork facilitators are trained in breathwork as well as somatic, ancient and creative healing practices. We use our instincts, intuition and information from Spirit in all we do. We may use a variety of tools and methods, such as:  drumming, creative expression, rattle, toning, chanting, sound, rocking and healing touch.


By releasing trauma and emotions stored in the body, clarity and a new sense of freedom is attained. You can see things in your life for what they really are. Old beliefs will fall away, and you are empowered to change your life, one breath at a time.

We ensure that you process the session and are grounded and centered before you depart for your further integration at home. More information about private sessions. 

Are you curious about breathwork but not yet sure about a one-on-one session? Then come and experience group breathwork.

What to expect in a group session:

You are always warmly greeted upon arrival. We begin in circle to introduce the process, answer any questions, and are shown a few breathwork techniques you may choose to use. We also will explain what you may experience in your journey. We usually have a healing "medicine" such as herbal tea, cacao, a homemade tincture or an infused oil.  Everything we do is ALWAYS optional. That's the Shamama way.

To open you up to the experience, we do an active meditation, using movement or sound, before being invited to lie on a mat. You are guided through the process with music, drumming, and healing touch to support your nervous system. As the group is small--no more than five participants  per facilitator--we are always close by to provide individual support  and encouragement on your breathwork journey. 

Listening to others breathe and release often helps participants to feel safe to do so themselves. There is a powerful dynamic and energy to group breathwork that deeply supports powerful healing and transformation.

It is a personal choice whether to do group or individual. Group offers a dynamic shared experience while individual sessions are for those who are ready to experience massive change in a more private setting.

What people are saying about breathwork...

“I can’t recommend Michele and the work she is doing enough. If you’ve never experienced breathwork - I can assure you that she creates a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Consider this an act of self care like no other." Jenn Rapanos, Rockford, MI

“Breathwork has been an important part of my healing process. Michele is a strong, yet gentle intuitive guide through this process of letting go of old, unconscious, unhealed areas of my life. I feel it is causing rumblings of change that are needed.” Cheryl Blackington, Grand Rapids, MI

“Working with Michele in the power of breathwork has helped me break through patterns and old belief systems that felt impossible to overcome. I am so grateful to her for doing this powerful work.” Mel Deboer, Rockford, MI

“Thank you Shamama and Michele for the spiritual awakening yesterday! Your Breathwork class is a MUST for anyone in the Rockford/Grand Rapids area who would like to release what is holding them back...Powerful stuff!” Jamie Frietag-Dooley, Rockford, MI

“I love working with Michele. She has so much to offer to her clients. The breathwork I received from her has been nothing less than amazing. She has helped me to grow and heal in ways I wasn't sure were possible.” Melissa Landrum-Hart, Grand Rapids, MI

“I attended one of Michele’s Breathwork events last week, and it was nothing short of life-changing. A beautiful, highly cathartic experience.” Chelsea Rose, Nashville, TN

“Breathwork was like 5 years of therapy in 30 minutes.” Dawn Andersen, Calabasas, CA

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle, her authenticity and the impact she gives. She has provided me some incredible tools to help heal myself and has shown me how to go from surviving to thriving!"  Drea Randall, Grand Rapids, MI

“I have attended both Private Sessions and Breathwork Sessions with Shamama and there are no words to describe what those truly life-changing experiences were like. Michele vibrates such good energy into the souls of those she works with, that just being in her presence feels like home. I highly recommend Shamama to anyone looking for spiritual or personal growth. She will meet you exactly where you are on your journey and encompass you into this magical environment designed around so much self-healing, self-love and liberation. Thank you for helping me to evolve and showing me how to shed the energies that no longer match the frequency of my destiny. You are pure magic Shamama. It is an honor and blessing to know you and attend these sessions." Jenn Loudin, Comstock Park, MI

“Michele and the work that she does has been a pivotal point of positive change in my life. Her ability to hold space for healing and personal transformation along with the breathwork that she teaches has been invaluable in my personal growth and healing. Our personal suffering on this earth is here to teach us aspects of ourselves that we never knew existed, but we have to be open to receiving that message. Thank you Michele for showing me how to be an open vessel for transformation and creativity!!" Lisa Schneider, Rockford, MI

About Shamama Breathwork...

Michele DeVoe Lussky's training was originally through David Elliot, a Master Healer based in L.A. who has practiced this modality for over 30 years. After four years of practicing and facilitating powerful private and group breathwork, Michele expanded on David's teachings to create Shamama Breathwork, a nurturing, dynamic and intuitive process. We have trained dozens of co-healers since 2021. 


The breathing style utilizes active pranayama rhythmic 2-part breath as a catalyst to excavate blocked energy and unprocessed emotions from the body's nervous system, bypassing the analytical brain to efficiently restore a healthy state of balance, creativity, joy, hope, inspiration and abundance! An all-encompassing recharge of body, mind and spirit, this practice is a profoundly effective method for letting go of all that hinders your journey.

Every session is unique as your Shamama facilitators use their intuition and spirit to guide them in the healing practice that is best suited for that person or group--and that moment. Your guides might break out their rattles, drums, rocks, guitars, singing bowls, or gongs. They may also use the power of touch, singing, and chanting depending on how the spirit moves them.


  • To get the most out of your session, we advise that you refrain from mind-altering substances (alcohol, cannabis, etc.) for at least 24 hours prior to breathwork and you should not eat sooner than two hours beforehand.  We do often imbibe in medicines (cacao, mugwort, kava, etc.) as part of our sessions so having a clear vessel as you enter the space is important--even if one of the medicines we use IS cannabis or CBD! 

  • We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing (no bras or belts) and to bring a water bottle. We generally advise healing elements for aftercare like: herbal teas, epsom salt baths, journaling, listening to beautiful music, drinking water, cuddling, aromatherapy, reading positive text (poetry, scripture, etc.) sitting by a fire, napping, high vibration snacks, and walking in nature.

See our FAQs for more information.

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