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“Michele and the work that she does has been a pivotal point of positive change in my life. Her ability to hold space for healing and personal transformation along with the breathwork that she teaches has been invaluable in my personal growth and healing. Our personal suffering on this earth is here to teach us aspects of ourselves that we never knew existed, but we have to be open to receiving that message. Thank you Michele for showing me how to be an open vessel for transformation and creativity!!"

— Lisa Schneider, Rockford, MI


“I have attended both Private Sessions and Breathwork Sessions with Shamama and there are no words to describe what those truly life-changing experiences were like. Michele vibrates such good energy into the souls of those she works with, that just being in her presence feels like home. I highly recommend Shamama to anyone looking for spiritual or personal growth. She will meet you exactly where you are on your journey and encompass you into this magical environment designed around so much self-healing, self-love and liberation. Thank you for helping me to evolve and showing me how to shed the energies that no longer match the frequency of my destiny. You are pure magic Shamama. It is an honor and blessing to know you and attend these sessions."

— Jenn Loudin, Comstock Park, MI


“I attended a retreat in June 2019. My experiences at the retreat were life-altering! I was set upon a path of personal and spiritual growth that has led me to be so much more peaceful and able to identify my fears that hold me back from physical and emotional growth. I am able to make decisions more easily, which has been an issue for me for years."

— Linda Nietering, Grand Haven, MI


“LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle, her authenticity and the impact she gives. She has provided me some incredible tools to help heal myself and has shown me how to go from surviving to thriving!" 

— Drea Randall, Grand Rapids, MI

“I can’t recommend Michele and the work she is doing enough. If you’ve never experienced breathwork - I can assure you that she creates a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Consider this an act of self care like no other." 

— Jen Rapanos, Rockford, MI


“I have attended both private and group breathwork sessions, as well as writing and creativity workshops. Michele has such a gift for leading breathwork, for using her intuition, and for speaking the truth. She is amazing and I highly recommend her!! Her sessions are transformational!!!”

— Leah Rankinen, Rockford, MI

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“Breathwork has been an important part of my healing process. Michele is a strong, yet gentle intuitive guide through this process of letting go of old, unconscious, unhealed areas of my life. I feel it is causing rumblings of change that are needed.”

— Cheryl Blackington, Grand Rapids, MI

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“Michele has a gift for creating a truly magical environment for a self healing experience while all the while being real. A grateful participant”

— Tammy Newman, Kalamazoo, MI


“Working with Michele in the power of breathwork has helped me break through patterns and old belief systems that felt impossible to overcome. I am so grateful to her for doing this powerful work.”

—Mel DeBoer, Rockford, MI


“I love working with Michele. She has so much to offer to her clients. The breathwork I received from her has been nothing less than amazing. She has helped me to grow and heal in ways I wasn't sure were possible.”

—Melissa Landrum-Hart, Grand Rapids, MI


“I highly recommend Shamama!! I went on the fall retreat not knowing what I was getting myself into, I just knew I needed this. Wow!! Absolutely amazing! I met a wonderful group of gals and we just clicked. Michele and Amy kept us busy exploring our needs and teaching us the tools we needed to get there. I came home at peace with past issues and empowered to take on the future. Thank you for everything!” 

— Sheila Lingle, Big Rapids, MI


“I went to a Creativity Retreat at the Inn of the Rustic Gate led by Shamama.  It changed my life, particularly in my ability to stay connected with my soul's energy.   Michele is gifted in providing activities to open up our heart space.  Highly recommend.”

— Kathryn Parker, Big Rapids, MI


“Thank you Shamama and Michele for the spiritual awakening yesterday! Your Breathwork class is a MUST for anyone in the Rockford/Grand Rapids area who would like to release what is holding them back...Powerful stuff!”

— Jamie Frietag Dooley, Rockford, MI


“Through Michele's guidance, classes, workshops, retreats, and friendship, I have finally reached a place of peace and contentment that I have not known before. I am finally at peace in my own skin, thriving in my creative happy place, and enjoying Life as it IS. She is a Kindred Spirit and my Soul Sister at heart and I look forward to our next class or encounter together to share in all that positive energy.”

— Paula Andresen, Comstock Park, MI


“FABULOUS! Always a way to get the creative mindfulness flowing, ever endeavoring to get the body and mind positivity positive, and enticing the churning mind to be open!”

—Debbi Weiss, Comstock Park, MI


“I attended one of Michele’s Breathwork events last week, and it was nothing short of life-changing. A beautiful, highly cathartic experience.”

— Chelsea Jean, Nashville, TN

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“Having been in the area for only a few years, meeting Michele and learning about Shamama was a gift from the Universe. I felt as though I had found my tribe with Michele as tribe leader, wise woman and friend. If you haven't experienced Michele's loving energy, you should. I am grateful to her and to the learning opportunities she makes happen every week! Love you Michele!”

—Nora Klaver Bouchard, Oak Park, IL


“So glad to have found this transformational group! It saved my life during a dark, cold MI winter. Michele brings so much positivity, enthusiasm, and creativity to each class. She presents information in a fun variety of activities that always seems to lead to an epiphany of self-discovery. Take the hike, draw the doodles, zone out to the drums!!”

— Juliana Beckett, Denver, CO

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“You did it again! coached me toward a journey I didn't expect to happen. Always interesting, always enlightening. Thank you!”

—Anne Hampton, Rockford, MI


“Enlightening work and play at the same time! Thank you so much. And it was great to meet everyone. Kind and genuine individuals.”

— Diana Brink, Allegan, MI


“Breathwork was like 5 years of therapy in 30 minutes.”

—Dawn Andersen, Calabasas, CA


“Thanks to your Memoir Writing Workshop strategies, I’m no longer battling my brain about what to write — I’m simply letting the words come out as they are. Game changer!”

—Julie Hayes, Kentwood, MI

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