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Laurel Jessup

MSN, CNM, CLC, Level I Breathwork Facilitator

Spiritus Coaching

Breathe new life into your personal wellness journey!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Laurel (she/her) and I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, dog mom, midwife, and spirit trying hard to be human! I live near Lamont MI with my husband Ted Lott, who is an artist and sculptor ( and my daughter, Bailey, who at the time of this writing is a 20 month old toddler brim full of nerve and verve, and my 8 year old rescue dog, Beans. 


I love exploring the outdoors, moving my body in ways that bring me joy, growing flowers/plants, making my own body products, building awesome core memories with my daughter, spending time with my close-knit family, and traveling. I am committed to ending generational trauma and raising the vibration of my life and community by living in a way that fosters compassion and deep connections while cultivating peace and greater understanding.


I have a Bachelor & Master’s of Nursing from Columbia University in NYC, and additionally a Bachelors in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies from Northland Collage in Ashland, WI. Over the last decade I have sought out additional trainings/certifications in trauma-informed care, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, perinatal/postpartum mood disorders, human lactation, LGBTQIA+/Diversity safe and certified provider trainings, perinatal loss, and most recently breathwork. 


I currently work full time at Corewell Health as faculty for the OBGYN residency program as a Certified Nurse Midwife.  I have been participating in birth work and holding space for women and families since 2006. Initially, I began my birth work journey as a doula and then for the last 11 years have practiced as a Nurse Midwife.  In addition to taking care of women during pregnancy, labor and the immediate postpartum my years of clinical practice have also included academics, preventative and primary healthcare, mental health care, reproductive education and justice, lactation support and education, perimenopausal care, nutritional, and sexual health.


The hallmarks of midwifery care engage patients/clients to actively participate in their own healthcare through education, counseling, and shared decision making while utilizing evidence-based medicine and a variety of healthcare modalities to achieve optimal healthcare outcomes for women, infants, and my clients/patients families. 


I have seen the power that breath plays in labor and birth, how it can bring a woman back into her body and the power and presence that she can transcend into during this peak life experience.  It is partly from bearing witness to this process and also deep personal experience that exploration of art of breathing began…….


I have found and fallen in love with breathwork on my own person path of education, health, and enlightenment.  Breath has the power to heal, open, align the mind, body, heart, and spirit and aid us in better connecting with our authentic selves and the greater universe/community.  It is an honor to be holding space for breath work: this powerful, active meditation technique for self healing is as effective as it is rewarding, especially when paired with sound healing.  I appreciate that there are breathwork techniques that have been utilized for hundreds of thousands of years and are rooted in the more Eastern Philosophy of Medicine but also that there is significant evidence from Western Medicine trials that supports these techniques and the significant impact they can have when addressing certain forms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse.   


I am currently pursuing my Breathwork Level II certification and look forward to crossing path with you in the future. Currently Co Facilitating with Shamama at select events and looking forward to working with clients* in both individual and group settings through Spiritus Coaching.  


*Currently accepting clients on a referral only basis from Shamama Group. Contact Michele Lussky for further information. 

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