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Thu, Oct 13


Beaubien Holistic Care

Shamama Breathwork Healing

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Shamama Breathwork Healing
Shamama Breathwork Healing

Time & Location

Oct 13, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Beaubien Holistic Care, 3368 Beltline Ct, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

About The Event

How our sessions usually go:

  • We welcome and greet everyone with worth and dignity. 
  • We have a communal medicine and chat for a bit before beginning our breathwork session.  Everything we do is optional, of course.
  • We will often do a variety of  movements (yoga, qi gong, swaying, tai chi, etc.) before we begin our breathwork.
  • We usually play a custom playlist of meditation music; we sometimes will have healing sound, rattling, drumming, toning, etc.
  • You will be nurtured by your facilitator/s with energy work and healing touch. (Everything we do is with your explicit consent.) Because we keep a ratio of 1 facilitator per 5 participants we are better able to attend to your physical and emotional needs.
  • We may use essential oils, crystals or other sacred objects as well. We do not use smoke or incense during breathwork and will be sensitive to all allergies/preferences to scents.
  • Every session is unique as your facilitators use their intuition to guide you in the healing practices that are best suited for you at that moment--and you will be using your intuition as well. What will happen is aligned with what will serve you best.
  • You will breathe in the ways that feel right at that moment; we will be there to guide you.
  • Hopefully your thinking mind will take a little vacation while you blissfully breathe. :)
  • You may experience a great catharsis and bodily release, such as crying or shaking. 
  • When the session is over you will want to integrate for a while. You are welcome to stay in the studio and journal, drink tea, sit silently, or speak to your facilitators about your experience.
  • We advise that you allow 4-24 hours for integration and reflection.
  • Your facilitator will send a follow-up email with playlist and insights (and you are welcome to email with your insights!).


  • Wear comfy clothes that don't restrict your breathing (avoid belts, bras, jewelry etc.) Pajamas and Velvet Sweatsuits welcome! :)
  • Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, eye pillow/blindfold (bring the free one you get from your private session or you can borrow one of ours), journal, writing utensil, and water bottle. We know, it's a lot to pack; think of it like a fun expedition!
  • It is advisable that you abstain from mind-altering substances (alcohol, cannabis, etc) for at least 24 hours prior to the session and avoid a heavy meal two hours prior. Try to come with a light stomach and a clear vessel.
  • Group breathwork is contraindicated for those who are pregnant or those who have: severe asthma, severe heart disease, epilepsy/history of seizures, acute physical injuries, or severe diabetes. We can make accomodations for you in a private 1:1 session, but a group setting is not advisable.
  • Shamama is inclusive to ALL people! Namaste!

Cost: The cost is self-determined, according to your feeling of value, gratitude, and means. Suggested donation between $25 and $55. You may pay by cash, check, Venmo or Zelle* before or after the session.

*Zelle #6169010579





  • Energy Exchange

    Pay what you want

    The cost is self-determined, according to your feeling of value, gratitude, and means. Suggested donation between $25 and $55.

    Pay what you want





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