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Private Events

"Building community is to the collective as spiritual practice is to the individual."  Grace Lee Boggs

Gather together
to share.

Since 2016, Shamama's leaders have led engaging team development workshops, retreats and in-house services for organizations and small groups.

We don't take the conventional thought-based approach. Instead, we work with the whole person: body, mind and spirit and the dynamic energy of the whole group.  If you want a more  peaceful, discerning, creative and communicative group, please contact us to create an opportunity to heal the collective. 


Our compassionate and creative leaders guide your group in:

DISCOVERING THEIR POWER & PURPOSE: Life Writing, Creativity Workshops, Manifesto Writing, Mindful Living Workshops, Growth Mindset Techniques + more

CREATIVE PLAY: Intuitive Collaging, Journey Writing, Art Journaling, Doodling, Color-Play + more

SOMATIC EXPERIENCES: Laughter Yoga, Drumming, Breathwork Meditation, Mindful Wine/Food Tasting, Labyrinth-Walking, Intuitive Dance + more

NATURE-BASED & HEALING PRACTICES: Forest Bathing, Fiber-Play, Yoga, Fiber Story-Making, Playing in Mud/Water, Firewalking + more

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